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The Amazing Benefits of Coffee Body Scrubs for the Cold Dry Season

Are you starting to feel that cold breeze? Well, it only means one thing—winter is just around the corner. The winter season is both a daydream and a nightmare for many people. It could be a daydream in the sense that you can wear your favorite sweater, start layering, wear your favorite scarf and you won’t suffer from excessive sweating for which the hot summer days have to offer. It’s a nightmare for some, because it causes many different skin problems such as rosacea, skin drying and the like. If your skin dries roughly on the winter season, and moisturizing products don’t seem to work, there’s no need for you to worry. This is for the reason that Scrub79’s offering you the amazing coffee body scrubs. As a beverage, coffee comes with several benefits. However, if you ran out of body scrubs, this could be a great alternative. Studies have shown that the caffeic acid found in the coffee grounds could affect any sort of anti-inflammatory activity and heals skin wounds effectively. Moreover, if you would like to know more about the benefits of a coffee body scrub, here’s what you need to know now:


Coffee grounds are made with the coarse grounds of sugar and salt. These combinations can effectively exfoliate for your skin. Regular exfoliation of your skin can easily eradicate all of the dead skin and residual dirt, which will in turn give you that fresh and youthful skin. Once your skin has been exfoliated, it can now absorb all of the beneficial moisture. Keep in mind that beauty regimen must always include exfoliation treatments, but if you’re looking for a good one, coffee body scrub is what you need.

Skin Texture

You must know that caffeine is a vasodilator. It only means that it constricts the blood vessels in one’s skin. This action helps in tightening and firming your blood vessels which results for a nicer skin texture, while giving you that youthful glow as well.

Green living

What you don’t know, or what your body scrub product manufacturers don’t tell you about these body scrubs is that, they are chemical-based and not really that good for your skin. So, if you want to live greener and get your skin out from the risk of having skin cancer, it would be ideal for you to get these coffee body scrubs now. If you want to have that healthy glow and moisturized skin, no matter how cold and dry the season maybe, getting a nice coffee body scrub now would be perfect.

Scrub79's way through Thailand

To get some sun and inspiration we went to Thailand! The country is undoubtedly is one the world’s top tourist destinations. What with its elephants and the serene environment. The beaches though, are the most gorgeous. Thousands of tourists from all over the globe travel annually to see nature at its best. And so to see what other beautiful babes were using for scrubbing, what other place to go to than the breathtaking beaches of Thailand. Of course we went there. Patong beach, the largest on Phuket Island is apparently the country’s most popular beach. The wide coastline is something to marvel about. There is plenty of white sand with warm, clear blue waters. When visiting the Thailand beaches, one cannot miss to notice the beautiful babes who are not taking chances with their skin. As an ideal place to spend your holiday, the many hotels and restaurants allow one to relax by the pool while basking in the warm morning sun. What better way to lie by the pool than in your bikini? Scrub79, a sweet orange coffee scrub, is one thing you should not miss on this trip. As a scrub lover you could get one for yourself to get rid of those stretch marks and get a perfect bikini body. Want to play in the water or to lie in the warm sand? A soft skin on a sexy babe gives her all the confidence to face the day. With Scrub79, you can be sure of the tender, soft skin you would want to flaunt as you have a sweet cocktail the restaurants have to offer. On most Thailand beaches, there is always a shopping point within a walking distance to ensure you get a nice scrubber for yourself and your friends. Thailand is most definitely one place you must visit and be sure to have the Scrub79 in your bag for a perfect holiday.

Scrub With Me!

We invite you to join us in a celebration of radiantly beautiful, cellulite free and glowing skin! Try our body collection of chemical-free, environmentally friendly, natural and organic skincare products. Available also at Beauty Salons and Retail Stores Australia Wide.


From our headquarters in fabulous Australia, we create and produce healthy, concern-free, eco-friendly skin scrub products that really work. In addition to being completely natural and organic, our products are also cruelty-free and gluten-free. It filled with love, positivity and good feelings.Nature is unique and so is each individual scrub we make, so they may vary slightly from batch to batch.

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